Who We Are

RAD Ceramics is run by Rose Kiourkas. At any given time you could see any of the other family members helping out. Rose has had over 40 years experience with ceramics. The rest of the family has been “drafted” at one time or another to help with the festivals, pouring and cleaning ceramic pieces, they help fire the kilns or to move molds around. There are many other jobs and other family members that are not pictured. They all are wonderful and will help often.


Rose’s vision is to bring affordable art to others. While this is a business, she works really hard to help others enjoy their experience painting ceramics. She LOVES the creativity of others and will encourage even the smallest of painters to use lots of colors.


Creating self confidence through art using ceramics as one medium.


Our dedicated Team


Rose Kiourkas & Husband Danny

Daughter & Family Street Fair & Festival Experts
Daughter & Grandson Heavy Lifters and General Help
Product Consultants