How it works

Pick your Party date

Choose the date you want to hold your event. It could be a birthday party, a bridal shower, a scout badge earning event, a ladies night out, corporate team building, or a fundraising event. The possibilities are limitless. We have accommodated parties in various sizes from 1-150.


Call RAD Ceramics to lock in your date. (253) 208-7209


Pick your Pieces

Two weeks before your party we need you to choose the pieces you want to paint. You click on the store tab and choose the pieces you want us to bring to your event. You can choose the same piece for everyone or it can be something different for each person. Be sure to tell us the name of the person you are ordering each piece for if the pieces are different. ie: not everyone is getting the same kind of piece.


Remember it takes about two hours to paint one piece of pottery.


You then call RAD Ceramics (253)208-7209 and give us your list.

It’s Party time!!

Painting pottery is fun — and easy, too. The hardest part is choosing something to paint from ur amazing selection! Once you’ve picked a piece, it’s smooth sailing. Here’s what you do:


Step 1

You can apply your design to your pottery in several different ways. You can paint directly on the surface or sketch your design with a pen or pencil. All pen or pencil marks will burn off in the kiln and will not appear on the finished piece. Or you can try any of our stencils, stamps, sponges, or screen prints.


step 2

If you’ve chosen to sketch your design first, the next step will be to apply the paint. All our paints are nontoxic and food-safe. Paints will wash out of clothes, and we’ll take care of the clean up for you! (Unless you are using acrylic paints for collectibles. While they are nontoxic they are NOT food safe and they WILL NOT wash out of clothing.) Since we over-glaze all your artwork, any blank spaces will be shiny and white.


Step 3

This is where we take over! We take your pieces back to our place and dip them into a clear glaze for firing. Then, your piece is fired in our kiln. The only thing you need to do is be patient — we promise that your pieces will be done within two weeks.


step 4

We will contact you to arrange a time when we can deliver your finished pieces.